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Our Solution

CO₂ Capture with Hot Potassium Carbonate (HPC)

Following the emission control system, flue gas containing CO2 comes in contact with HPC, selectively stripping the CO2. The remaining flue gas exits via an exhaust stack, while the CO2 loaded solvent passes through a stripping column for separation. The HPC is re-used in the absorption process while the CO2-rich gas is sent for utilization or storage. The system is designed to operate as a closed loop without addition heat input, extracting all heating and cooling needed from the flue gas stream throughout the process.




No Effect on Furnace

With a tail-end solution, no changes on the source or on combustion need to be made. This results in no affect on product quality!

Compact Solution

The equipment is compact and standalone. It can be designed to fit within your available footprint and "bolted on" to your current air pollution control process without the need for downtime on production.  


Our technical background is on Air Pollution Control and Waste Heat Recovery systems on furnace flue gas. This experience results in a natural synergy with adding CO₂ capture systems within the APC process. 

Non-Amine Based

HPC solvent is a significantly lower-cost solvent than amine-based solvents and is safe for humans and the environment. 

Energy Efficient

Energy demands for heating/cooling and expansion/compression are minimized through energy reuse throughout the process. 

Proven Technology

K2-CO₂ and its partners have more than 400 references utilizing a proprietary HPC solution for carbon capture projects and more than 40 APC systems installed on glass furnaces worldwide. 

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